Can I record my lesson on Forte?

Yes! Forte has a built-in recording feature, allowing the teacher or student to start and stop recording as much as you’d like.

Recording your lesson is a smart move. With a recorded lesson, you can watch it back afterwards to remind yourself of what you worked on in the lesson, exactly what your teacher said, and what to practice between lessons. We highly recommend it!

At the end of your lesson, Forte will automatically process the recording(s) and send an email to both the student and teacher containing a link to download the recording.

Recordings will be processed so both the video of the student and teacher are equal in size.

Note: Recordings can take between 15-60 minutes to process after the end of the lesson.

Tip: If you do not see your recording email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder, as your email provider may have accidentally mislabeled the email.