How do I add lessons to my teaching schedule?

To add a lesson to your Forte Schedule, first navigate to the Schedule tab.

  • Add a lesson by clicking on a day/time slot on your calendar and selecting your student from the list of connected students.
  • The lesson date and time are automatically populated based on where you clicked on the calendar. 
  • Enter the lesson duration and your lesson fee.

Important: The lesson rate you set represents how much you will be paid. Students will see a higher rate that includes Forte's fee.

  • Toggle on the "Make recurring lesson" toggle if this lesson will be ongoing (select weekly or bi-weekly).
  • If creating a recurring lesson, select the number of lessons that should be added to the calendar.
  • Click Create lesson/Create a recurring lesson to add the lesson(s) to your calendar and to your student's list of upcoming lessons in their Forte Learning Hub.
  • When the lesson/recurring lesson series has been booked, your student will receive an email confirming the lesson details.