If a student wants to take lessons with me, what should I expect? What’s the process?

Welcome to the Forte teaching community! Read on for info about being booked for a Meet and Greet/initial lesson.

Forte has students from around the world coming to our site to find an online teacher. If you have a public-facing profile live on the site, students will be able to review your profile and reach out for a meet and greet/initial lesson. 

Students will select a time that works for them based on the Meet and Greet availability you entered into the Forte system (in your Schedule Configuration settings - accessed from your Schedule tab). Once they've selected a time for a Meet and Greet, you will receive an email from Forte (info@fortelessons.com) confirming that a new student has reached out to meet with you. This email will contain the student's name, as well as the date and time of the booked Meet and Greet. 

Now that the student has connected with you, you can chat with them using Forte's chat feature, and you will see them listed on your roster of students.

Meeting with the Student

When it's time for the new student's Meet and Greet, you will connect with them on Forte by clicking on the camera icon next to their name on your Student roster. The initial lesson length will depend on the Meet and Greet time you've indicated in your profile. 

During the Meet and Greet

Think carefully about what you would like to accomplish in your Meet and Greet. This will be your chance to figure out if it's a great student/teacher pairing and to discuss important info like your teaching style, studio expectations, and an ongoing lesson schedule. 

As always, for the best lesson experience, please ensure your browser and operating system are up to date.

After the Meet and Greet

If you both had a great Meet and Greet experience and have decided to move forward with recurring lessons, you now have a new student – congratulations! You will add the student's lessons to your Forte Schedule.

Add a lesson by clicking on a day/time slot on your calendar and selecting your student. The lesson date and time are automatically populated based on where you clicked on the calendar. Enter the lesson duration and your lesson fee.

Important: The lesson rate you set represents how much you will be paid. Students will see a higher rate that includes Forte's fee.

Toggle on the "Make recurring lesson" toggle if this lesson will be on-going (select weekly or bi-weekly). Click Create lesson/Create recurring lesson to add the lesson(s) to your calendar and to your student's list of upcoming lessons in their Forte Learning Hub.

When the lesson/recurring lesson series has been booked, your student will receive an email confirming the lesson details.