Where will I teach the online Forte lessons?

Forte: A full music lesson experience, all in one place

All lessons are held on Forte's video conferencing tool, right on the Forte platform.

To log in to your Forte account, visit app.fortelessons.com.

Forte was purpose-built for online music lessons. With tools designed to disappear rather than distract from your experience and Forte Pure Audio, our industry-leading audio that captures the full richness of sound, you can focus on doing your best teaching online.

Forte Pure Audio captures the full richness of musical sound on both ends of the lesson, both yours and your student’s. With Forte Pure Audio, you’ll enjoy the highest audio resolution available, so the most human and expressive aspects of music making, like tone color, dynamics, articulation, and musical nuance, are no longer sacrificed just because your lesson is online.  The sound is great, so your lesson can be, too.

With recorded lessons, dual camera angles, live shared notebooks, and studio materials all in one place, you and your students have everything you need at your fingertips to have great lessons (AND productive practice sessions between lessons).